Strength & Conditioning

Unlike many gyms that are only geared toward one methodology, we have designed our facility and programs with the whole health of a person in mind. That’s why we create an individualized fitness plan for you, your goals, your abilities, and your fitness level. 

We believe There is no substitute for hard work, and we aim to teach our community the same. TrainHD is a strength and conditioning facility that was established on this value.  We are always Backed by science and experience, our commitment to our clients is to safely, efficiently, and effectively enable them to achieve their goals.  

PNOE Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Test your resting metabolic rate, see your optimal calories and macro targets, your carb vs. fat burn at rest, and have calorie wearable calibrations.

PNOE Active Metabolic Rate Testing 

Test your VO2max & your different training zones. Get a personalized workout plan, see how you use fats vs. carbs during exercise, recovery capacity, and your overall fitness level.

12- Week Nutrition & Health Coaching 

RMR Test, Consultation with a health coach, personalized nutrition and management plan, access to PNOE precision app, and ongoing guidance and support with a health coach.