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What is holding you back

Do you struggle with

Weight Control

Have you tried every diet, keep gaining weight back, and don’t know how to break the cycle? 

Movement Health 

Do you wake up every day and have chronic pain in your back, shoulders, or neck? 

Metabolic Health 

Do you suffer from Metabolic dysfunction, Abdominal obesity, High Cholesterol, Raised Blood Pressure, Insulin resistance, or a proinflammatory state? 


Do you feel guilty about not making yourself a priority? 

Why Train HD?

Scientific Solutions 


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Phone calls are great, but we like to meet face to face to really understand how we can help. 


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Our movement and wellness evaluation will tell you everything you need to know about your overall health and what to do to improve it.  


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Now you have a plan & now you have a community that supports you.  It’s time to start your journey to the best version of yourself.  


Don’t Just Take it From Us 

“I highly recommend Train HD and want to congratulate Adam and Anthony on their success! Adam has pushed me and motivated me in so many ways over the last couple of years. His creativity, insight, commitment, and motivation have helped me become a stronger person. His strength workouts compliment my running schedule and I have never felt better. I never thought I’d be the person I’ve become since I’ve been working with Adam.”

~ Becky T.

“I have been working with Anthony for many years.  I had to put the gym on the back burner, But Anthony never pushed me to get back to the gym, but let me know he was there when I was ready. Given the fact that because I am a gay man, I have always been reluctant to workout at a gym. Too much anxiety to address. Anthony has always made me feel like me, and a part of the group. So I’m special, but not different. Great feeling and always welcome.”

~ Robb P.

“Anthony was highly recommended to me after I had tried several “gyms” in the area. The so-called trainers were inexperienced, lacked substantial education in their field and were not committed to my long-term goals. We set the goal on my first visit and have remained committed to them. I told him I wanted to maintain strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance.  I highly recommend Anthony to anyone who wants to maintain a high activity level without apprehension.”

~ Del Pierce